Septic Services

Complete Septic Tank Service Specializing in Mound Septic System

Free your septic systems from clogs with the help of A-1 Bill Gibson Septic Service in Weirsdale, Florida. Our dedicated staff provides septic tank service with expertise in mound septic system. We offer septic tank installation, repair, and maintenance.


Mound Septic Tank

This system is recommended for those who live in flood-prone areas. Mound septic tanks easily drain off excess water.



Prior installation, we check your construction permit and provide you an estimate of the type of tank you have been approved for. We stub the pipe, dig out the hole, place the tank, and fill in the top. If any issue arises, we immediately inform you how we can fix it.



Keep your tank in good working condition by freeing it from grease and blockage. We recommend cleaning the tanks every 90 days. Simply call us when you need to clean your drainage system, as advised by the State.


To keep your tanks well maintained, we drain them and dig up the sides when needed. We also do septic tank pumping and lid resealing. Have your septic tanks pumped every three to five years for maximized usability.

Drain Fill Repair

Bring your septic system back to full working condition once your drain fills get solidified. This issue is commonly caused by tree roots or general wear and tear.


This enzyme product halts buildup of solids in your tanks by breaking these wastes down into liquid form. Available in half-gallon jugs, Bio-One completely unclogs your septic systems. The amount to be used depends on the size and usage of your tank. We have brochures available to educate yourself about how this product works. Please call us for pricing details.

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